Answered Prayers

Lately, I’ve found God answering my prayers in a way I never imagined. Have you ever had those moments, where you’re literally crying out to God and asking why things happened the way they did or why you feel the way you feel – only to feel He is silent?

As faithful as I know God is and as often as I hear His voice, there are those times where it seems He remains quiet. I’m learning those moments are the times where my faith grows.

Someone once said, “If you ask God for direction and you don’t hear anything, likelihood is He’s already told you what to do and you haven’t done it yet.”

What a powerful statement. How many times do we question if God has heard us and if He’s answering. Yet, we’ve already been guided and directed toward what we need to do.

Are you currently in a moment like that where you’re truly seeking God and feel He’s silent? Or have you been through that stage but echo my heart’s cry that He does answer, just sometimes in ways we didn’t expect?

Whichever season you’re in, know that He never leaves us or forsakes us. He wants to prosper you in every area of life. Trust Him and continue in the path He is leading you on.

And when you feel He’s silent, go back to the last thing He told you to do. 😉

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He loves you more than you can imagine – trust Him, reader. He’ll never let you down.



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