Better Than Okay

It’s the whirlwind of Life. Friends get married and move away. Co-workers get offered a better opportunity and move on. Relationships end for one reason or another.

There’s never a good time for life seasons to change and it’s often when we least expect it to happen.

These last few months have been a whirlwind blur for me. I’ve had relationships end and I’ve had new seasons start. I’ve experienced the beginnings of friendship and what it’s like to have more amazing people in my life than I’ve ever had before. I’ve watched as my own heart has changed and grown and I’ve been happy to leave the past in the past.

Whenever change strikes, I always question how I’ll handle it. Will I be okay? Will I miss whatever is changing?

Lately, there’s been more change than I can keep track of and honestly, I’m doing better than just okay. I say that for a few reasons, but here’s the main one.

I hate change.

There, I said it. I truly, genuinely despise change. The reason I’ve hated it so much in the past is because it’s usually not something I can control.

What I can control, is how I respond. And for the first time, possibly ever, I’m enjoying and welcoming the change.

Sometimes it takes change and being uncomfortable, to step out of your comfort zone and say, “I can’t change this, so I’m going to find a way to enjoy this season.” 

I can’t say I love change yet, but I’m at least learning how to embrace it. It’s going to happen whether I like it or not.

The least I can do is find a way to enjoy it.

Cheers to change, friend.




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  • Joy
    April 29, 2017

    LIfe is constant change. Some is good change, some is not so good. I, too, have been experiencing tremdous change in the past few years. It never seems to end! Most of it has been horribly painful change, yet even in that, I see God’s hand and it’s in MY response to those changes that is actually changing me from the inside out. I have not always responded well, yet God uses even that to help me to see exactly who I am and to become more like Him. I’ve watched friends growing from their changes in life as well. I seem to have a bigger awareness of that these days.
    Love your posts! They make me think…

    • Manda Joy
      May 4, 2017

      Hi Joy! Thank you so much for your words. I love what you said. You’re so right! While things change around us, it can change US if we allow it to. Sometimes that’s a good thing, provided it’s God doing the change and it sounds like that’s the case for you. 🙂 Love you! xoxo

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