Boston Escapades

unspecifiedAbout a week ago, I took a mini-vacation in Boston with some wonderful girlfriends of mine. You might remember these lovely ladies from a post I did a while back. Boy oh boy was it needed. Our normal group of 5 wasn’t all able to make it, as some things have changed. One person from our group recently got married and another one is well on her way to wedding bells. Nonetheless, three of us managed to find time in our schedules to see each other.

I made the drive up to Boston Friday night and as I walked down the street to meet them, we ran into each others arms for the best girl hug one can have. By the time we were all heading to bed, it was close to 2am and Saturday morning, we were up and about going to brunch, site seeing in Boston, experiencing some of the best pastries I’ve ever had, and cooking a meal together for dinner. We stayed up until 1am, yet again, laughing and talking about life.

It’s rare to find people who “get” you. They understand the struggles, temptations, and joys of life. You don’t need to say everything you are feeling because they feel it too. Without words, the emotion is understood.

Despite over 10 hours of driving round trip, it was a wonderful weekend that allowed me to unplug and find safety in the hearts of two beautiful women who love God first, others second, and themselves third. They’re some of the most thoughtful people I know, going so far as to send me a thank you card after the visit, thanking me for making the trip. Seriously, how sweet is that?!

Over 200 miles away and I’m still being thought of by two wonderful people. It’s amazing how friendship revitalizes and refreshes you. It gives you wings when all you want to do is collapse under the pressure of life. I’m so grateful for these ladies in my life and for the joy they bring to my soul.

If the people you surround yourself with are weights to you that pull you down and wear you out, make the healthy decision for your soul to let them go. It’s time to look for people who will be your wings.



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