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Hidden Scars: Learning to see your scars through the eyes of God

Hidden Scars

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hidden scars. These are the scars no one sees because they're hidden deep beneath the surface. On the outside, we look fine, but on the inside, there is a wound so deep and memories so painful that few are even given the knowledge that these scars exist. People try to understand, but they fall short. They ...

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Unexpected Love

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Don't be sad that it's over, just be glad that it happened to us. That's the first line of a song that's been on repeat since this morning. It's a song I'm sure a lot of girls play after a breakup, but that's not why I'm playing it. I'm playing it because my heart is preparing ...

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The Journey Of Fostering

Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's been a long time since I've shared about our journey as a foster family. As I was looking through my blog post drafts, I found a post I wrote ten months ago but never shared. We had fostered a beautiful little boy for almost a year. I wrote this post the night we found ...

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The Empty Swing

Monday, June 6, 2016

The sun had just begun to set and only minutes remained before the park closed for the night. The parents and children were all gathering their things from the day and were on their way out. She opened the gate that stood between the park and the parking lot, and stepped inside. She heard the children ...

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Fostering The Broken Hearts

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I love getting into conversation with individuals when fostering is the topic of discussion. I often hear the same reaction from everyone I speak to: "That's so great you do that, but I could never. I couldn't bear to let that child go. It'd be too painful." And every time, I politely smile View post

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Baby Steps

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our one-year-old foster baby is just learning how to walk. He's the cutest little thing, holding on to tables, chairs, and seat cushions as he tries to make his way around our family room. Tonight, I was on the floor trying to encourage him to come to me. Still feeling insecure in his ability to walk, he reached for ...

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