Common Sense Friendship

Whether or not this post will ever get shared, I don’t know. But I need to get this off my chest.

What has happened to real, genuine friendships? What has happened to common sense in friendships? It seems that the older I get, the less care people take in friendships.

So for those of you wondering what it takes to keep friendships strong, honest, and growing, here are some tips:


  • Reach out if you know something is going on and ask how your friend really is doing
  • When you say you’re praying for them, mean it and actually pray for them
  • Make time for them, despite your busy schedule, and allow them to share why their heart is heavy
  • Send a text, note, or email if life is too busy to sit for coffee. Let them know you still care, even if you can’t make time right then and there for them.


  • Ignore them when you know their life is in upheaval
  • Lie to them to make them feel better
  • Forget about them in their time of need
  • Ask them for a favor when you haven’t spoken to them in months

As glad as I am for the life I’ve been given, I had a recent season where I became very disappointed with people in my life who called me a “friend”. Those words define relationships that are there for you when you go through hellish times. Those are not the words that define a relationship when the only actions done are the ones in the “don’t” list.

Words truly can’t describe the amount of loneliness and abandonment I felt during that season. Tough times really do show you who is a true friend. Unfortunately, that season of my life showed me that I have very few people who fall into that category. However, the ones that were still with me when I finished walking through that season, hold an even dearer place in my heart.

I’m thankful I have a terrific family and an amazing Lord Who never leaves me. It’s a shame though when people you expected to be there, suddenly do a disappearing act.

Value your friendships. Be there for those you call friends and when the time comes that you need them, hopefully they’ll be there for you too.

Blessed to call these lovely ladies my friend. <3

Blessed to call these lovely ladies my friends. <3

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