When Work And Faith Meet

I had an amazing opportunity this past week. I was given the chance to share what I believe and why. And not just by anyone, but by my bosses.

It meant a lot to me for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that they are both very busy men. They run from one meeting to another, while having a phone call in-between walking from one room to the next. It’s rare to catch them taking a break. And yet today, I spent a half hour dialoguing about my faith and theirs and was asked in different ways to share why I’m so passionately grounded in my faith.

Faith tends to be a sensitive topic for many people. Some shy away from talking about theirs. If that’s the case though, it then begs this question: Do you really believe what you say you do, if you shy away from talking about it?

Now, I’m not one of those crazy Bible thumping Christians who screams hell and damnation to anyone who crosses my path. Jesus didn’t do that and I won’t either. You can trust that I will share the truth, but will do so in a loving way. The same way if you found a cure for cancer you’d want to share it with everyone, especially those that mattered to you, that’s how I feel about my faith.

I’ve found truth. I’ve found hope. I’ve found a Savior who loved me enough to give Himself as a sacrifice, so I wouldn’t have to. Tell me, is there any better way to describe true love?

Jesus didn’t run from the cross, He ran to it. He knew the pain, the suffering, the shame that hanging on the cross would bring. An innocent man condemned to die. For what? For telling the truth. He was and is the Messiah we have all been waiting for. Because of Him, we can live with hope and we can offer that same hope to all those who ask.

I had the honor of sharing that hope with some of the people I count dearest in my life. To me, it will always be an honor and privilege when I’m asked about my faith, because it gives me the chance to share about true love. Most think it’s an emotion.

But the truth is, it’s a person and his name is Jesus.

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  • pastorjeffgunn
    May 1, 2015

    “When faith and work meet” is a great post! Thanks for sharing the opportunity God gave you to witness to his love. I’m excited for you. And also very encouraged that, as you say, you did not “shy away” from the opportunity. I just said a prayer for your bosses. Go God!

    • happilyme23
      May 1, 2015

      Thanks for reading and for your feedback! It’s always wonderful when we get the opportunity to share God’s love and hope with others.

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