Cowardly “Christians”

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 11.20.41 PMI am not one of them. I am quickly becoming fed up with this false sense of Christianity spread evenly across the nation. It’s no wonder so many turn away from the faith or are completely turned off by just the title “Christian”.

The facades, the backstabbing, the politics, and the deception  – since when was this the kind of Christianity we practiced? For instance, if you have something to say, say it to my face. Gossip looks ugly on you. It looks even uglier on those who call themselves Christians, all while sharing with their friends why we need to “pray” for so-and-so. I have news for you folks, using prayer as an opportunity to gossip is one of the lowest things you can do, especially if you call yourself a Christian.

In a world that is already so broken, the church should be the one place where all are welcome, regardless of background, denomination, financial status, or etiquette. We should love those that society says are unloveable. We should give to the needy, while teaching them how to prosper so they can then be the givers. We should take in the widows and orphans and open our homes to those who have no one.

We are Christ’s hands and feet. The world will continue to remain unchanged, unless we put actions to our words. Being a Christian is more than just knowing you’re going to Heaven, it’s about living what you believe.

Faith is only as good as the action put behind it. Saying you’re a Christian while you lie or gossip behind people’s back makes you a fake. Please do us all a favor and be real. The world has enough fake in it. Be a true Christian or don’t be. It’s fully your choice, but at least be the real deal either way.


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