Faith Like A Child

They had danced many times before. In fact, it was a regular occurrence for them. He’d wait patiently all day for her to walk through the door so they could dance. As soon as she’d come home, he’d begin to giggle and kick his tiny feet, in the hopes she’d understand the message he was unable to verbally communicate. She’d scoop his tiny frame into her arms and they’d begin to dance to the melody that played. In the past as they swayed, she’d try to gently dip him in a way commonly done when dancing with a partner. Whenever she tried though, he’d begin to panic and hold onto her tightly.

But tonight, was different.

As they swayed, she began to move towards the dance move he often feared. Much to her surprise, and his, he allowed her to dip him and to both of their delights, he began to laugh. She dipped him again, unsure of how he’d respond, but found the same result. He was joyously laughing! The dip he had feared for so long, had now become the thing he enjoyed most.

And all because of trust.

He trusted he was safe in her arms. He trusted she would be there to catch him. And most importantly, he trusted her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.42.53 PMOften times in Scripture, we are told to come to God as little children do. Children may have their fears, but they are so much more trusting than we are as adults. They throw themselves into the arms of the person they love, trusting that person will catch them – even when they decide to jump spontaneously from the 10th stair up as they yell, “Catch me!”.

In my own life, trust is something I struggle with. In our own ways, I think it’s safe to say most of us do. We want to trust those around us. We want to trust they won’t hurt us…and then they do.  And then, we mistakenly carry the wounds caused by others, into the way we view God.

We assume that He, too, will hurt us or cause bad things to happen to “teach us a lesson.” We mistakenly think He takes things away from us, to make us prove to Him how faithful we will be.

Let me ask you friend, if you had never been hurt and had never had your trust broken, ever, do you think you’d still view God the same way? He asks us to come to Him as children do, because children don’t have the jaded view of the world, the way we as adults do.

Often times we try to fit God into our box, into our logical perspectives of how we think God should be. But what we fail to understand in doing so, is that God is outside of any box man could ever create. He can’t be fully comprehended, because our mind doesn’t have the capacity to comprehend all that He is.

He asks us to come to Him as children do, but not so that we come to Him as naive and unreasoned people. Rather, He is asking for us to lay aside our preconceived notions, our hurts, and our ideologies about Him that we’ve learned from everyone except Him.

In asking us to come to Him as children do, He is asking for that step of faith. That step starts with learning who He is from Him, instead of learning just what others think about Him. Each step brings us closer to having the courage to say, “Catch me!” as we trustingly jump across the chasm of doubt and into His loving arms.




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