Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 7.44.51 PMThe day came to a close. She let out a sigh and began to pack up her bags. She looked at her calendar to mentally prepare for what tomorrow would hold. Is it really Thursday already? I feel like this week just started. The week had flown by so quickly that she felt as though her head was spinning. Each day had gone by so quickly that she had missed her lunch break and personal responsibilities she had planned to handle during that time fell by the wayside.

On her drive home, she turned up the music and drowned out the noise of responsibilities and deadlines screaming in her mind. I need this. Just for a few minutes. Before she knew it, she was home and the deadlines and weight of responsibilities looming came over her mind like a thick fog. She felt as though she might break. There just wasn’t enough time to help everyone or to get everything done. She was being pulled in a million directions and everyone wanted and expected her very best.

Changing from work clothes into a hoodie and shorts, the weight began to lift. She grabbed her go-to snack when she was stressed – raisins mixed with chocolate chips.  She wasn’t sure why she loved it so much. It might’ve been the overwhelming sweetness, the chocolate, or the deliberate justification that this was a healthy snack because raisins were once grapes and thus, I am eating “fruit”. Regardless of what it was, she enjoyed merely having alone time where she could breathe.

As she sat there thinking about all of the things clamoring for her attention, she realized out of all the noise, there was one person who had been silent. He hadn’t been yelling for her attention, He hadn’t been angry that she had neglected time with Him. All He was, was quiet. He knew, when she was ready and when she realized she had neglected the most important part of her life, that she would make things right.

And so, she closed her laptop, turned off her phone and knelt before her bed. Though He had felt distant, she realized it was never Him who walked away, it was her. She had allowed everything else screaming for her attention to take priority, instead of the one voice that was always patiently waiting.


The voices screaming loudest for our attention are not always the ones we should attend to first. Measure carefully the voices. Usually the quiet voices are the ones we neglect, when in fact, they should be the very ones we attend to first.



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