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Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.48.16 PMThis time last week, I was a mess. I was angry at certain circumstances beyond my control and upset at other things that I had control over but wasn’t moving forward in.

I went through the week feeling rather overwhelmed, anxious, and honestly…feeling bitter towards my current season in life. Finding my emotions on a short leash, I realized I was becoming quick to lash out at people, whether mentally or literally, and the idea of grace was far from my mind.

Throughout last week, my mom kept reminding me this was a season that would pass and the same way all of these completely separate issues collided at once, they would likely all dissipate similarly.

And boy was she right.

In just a few days, a handful of things have already either resolved themselves or are in the process of being resolved. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

When we hit seasons like this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as though this is “what life will be like forever”. But that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Life is all about the ups and downs. It’s what makes us relational beings. It’s what makes us appreciate the ups and what helps us get through the downs.

If you’re in the “up” season of life, enjoy it fully. Be present. Don’t rush through it. Linger a little longer with those you love and put down your smartphones to enjoy the here and now.

If you’re in a “down” season of life, remember this too shall pass. It’s not the end, it’s just part of the journey. You will get to the other side and you’ll likely have a heck of a story to tell. (No joke, thinking about the story I’ll have to tell after I get through whatever rough season I’m in has gotten me through many tough times in life.)

Today was like coming up for fresh air after not breathing. I’m thankful this “down” season is starting to slip away and a new (and better) season is approaching.

As I referenced in my last post, just keep breathing reader. Smile when times are good and be thankful the season isn’t forever when times are rough.

Life is a journey and it’s what you make of it. Learn through the hard moments and remember to celebrate the good.




2 Responses
  • Barbara Fisher
    February 18, 2016

    Great post, Manda. Yes we all face those times or moments we’d rather not, but for me, I have to look to God. What is it that he wants me to see, learn, or even endure? Knowing that he knows what is going on in my life, and is allowing it, makes it a mite bit easier.

    • happilyme23
      February 19, 2016

      Hi Barbara! I always enjoy reading your comments. =) What you said is one of the reasons I love John 10:10. We know the thief (satan) comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly. It helps me in my own life to know when it’s time to fight back and when I’m in a season that’s just part of the life journey. It is comforting, indeed, to know that God sees all and knows all. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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