From Little Girl To All Grown Up

Screen shot 2015-11-23 at 11.27.22 PMEvery so often, my Dad and I find time to have a “date night”. As a little girl, this began as a way for him to show me how a gentleman treats a lady. Early on, he shaped my views of what a real man is and how I should expect to be treated.

I distinctly remember our first “date”. I was 11 years old and we both put on our best outfits. Mom did my hair and I had on the prettiest dress I owned. He took me to one of the fanciest Italian restaurants in our area and we had dinner and talked about how a young man should treat a lady, how he should respect her, and other important things every father desires to share with his daughter before she reaches the dating age. His instruction and loving guidance from that night, have remained with me throughout the years.

Tonight, we had a long overdue date night and it concluded over coffee and tea at Starbucks. It’s in those moments, I’m a little girl all over again, soaking up his wisdom and guidance. I’m an adult, yes, but I don’t think we ever outgrow the advice and wisdom our parents have to share.

We talked about life, work, fostering, family, dreams, and other topics sprinkled throughout. And as we left Starbucks, he walked to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for me, gently reminding me of how a gentleman treats a young woman.

Chivalry is still alive, readers. It exists and it lives on through men who are courageous, loving, hard-workers, and loyal. It exudes from the very being of men who would give their lives for their families, who sacrifice more than they’d ever admit, and who take on the weight of the world, all so that their loved ones can be carefree.

Some of you may be wondering if such a man exists. I can tell you, he does.

Some mornings he awakes at 4am to provide for his family, he’s fiercely loyal, protective, and would do anything for those he loves. He’s as faithful as they come and one of the hardest working people I know. He invests into his children and sacrifices more than they’ll ever know. He seeks the Lord long before we awake and searches for Godly wisdom to do his absolute best as a husband and father.

Many call him by his first name.

But I have the honor and privilege of calling him, Dad.




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