Glimmering Light

There is something so lovely, so majestic, about Christmas tree lights this time of the year.

I could literally sit in the quiet anChristmas Treed stare at them for hours.They seem to flicker ever so slightly, playing games with my tired eyes. It’s a site to behold, indeed.

This Christmas, enjoy your family, your loved ones, each precious moment you have. They are something to be treasured and held dear.

This weekend I grew in an even deeper love and appreciation for my family. Don’t wait for something to happen to recognize your blessings. In fact, stop right now and think of 5 things you are grateful for.

Yes…stop reading…and count.

Five things.

I hope you did it reader! And if you did, I hope you saw the beginning of that “glimmer” of how much we truly have to be jolly about.

Merry Christmas (season) to you dear folks. May it be the best one yet!



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