Good Girls Finish Last

Wait. That’s not the saying. Or is it? 

We’ve all heard the saying “Good guys finish last”. It’s the mantra spoken by all “good” guys who don’t get the girl because the “bad boy” swooped her up first.

This phrase got me to thinking last night. So often we praise the men for being the good guy and mothers talk about how they want their sons to settle down with a good girl. Yet, the good guys are complaining they finish last, while the good girls sit like wallflowers at a school dance, as they watch the “bad girl” get the guy. Not much has changed in my adult years from the way it was in my teenage years.

I’ve watched girls claw and plot and plan to get the guy they want, only to manipulate and control the situation to end exactly how they want it. And here we are, patting men on the back, telling them that the good guys finish last.

What kind of message is that to preach?! Young men are taught to wait, and sit, and watch, while the women are taught to fight for what they want, not settle for anything less, and be barracudas to get what they want – even if that means stepping over every other well-meaning girl to “win”. Sounds rather twisted and backwards to me.

Men should be pursuing. Men should be fighting for what they want. And while women shouldn’t be sitting dormant, they shouldn’t be encouraged by the people in their life to do whatever it takes to “land their dream guy”.

Come on ladies. We’re better than that!

It’s about time men stopped being wimps who only pursue a girl when that girl’s best friend gives him the green light. It’s about time men stopped complaining and moping around, hoping for the woman of their dreams to find them and make them into a better man. I can’t even begin to tell you how fed up I’ve become with this twisted mentality that women should pursue, men should wait around, and both parties will be miserable because the bad guy gets the girl and the good guys finish last.

Maybe before we start complaining, we should consider what quality traits the “bad girl” and the “bad guy” have that attract the opposite genders to them. Possibly, the “bad guy” is attractive because he pursues, is confident in himself, and makes it known what he wants. Maybe if good guys pursued, were confident in knowing who they are, and stopped beating around the bush and were intentional, good guys would stop finishing last.

And maybe, just maybe, the wallflowers would start to dance.

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2 Responses
  • Ross
    March 17, 2015

    As a recovering nice guy, thankyou for sharing your thoughts. One thing, though. Bad boys might have their appeal, but this wears off if they don’t grow up.

    • happilyme23
      March 17, 2015

      Hi Ross!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate you taking the time to share. =)

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