Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.11.54 PMRecently at work, I competed against a co-worker in a very boisterous game of air hockey. Admittedly, he’s very good and I found myself questioning if I could really beat him. To my surprise, I found that I was fighting harder to win. I was playing with gusto instead of just playing for the sake of playing. And after a very close and long battle, I won.

The excitement of winning that game was more than I had felt in the past when I won. There was a deeper satisfaction that came with the victory. And I’ve been thinking about why for the last 2 weeks.

Do you surround yourself with people who push you to be better? Do you surround yourself with smarter, more intellectual, richer, wiser people? Or do you shy away from it because you’d rather be the smartest, most intellectual, richest one in the group?

Within the last few months, I’ve been coming into contact with people who I’d consider to be smarter, more intellectual, and in general, better than me at a lot of things. Part of me feels threatened and wants to shy away from it. But then there’s another part of me…

That part is the part that wants to fight the status quo. I don’t want to be average, ordinary, or normal. I want to excel, leave a legacy, and conquer more than I ever thought possible.

Reader, don’t allow pride or fear to stop you from welcoming into your life those who do things better than you. We should be building each other up, encouraging one another, and inspiring each other to greatness.

Yes, there might be times you may wonder if you’ll ever be as good as they are. Maybe there will come a time you might even be tempted to accept the status quo and quit reaching for more.

But you shouldn’t.

Because these kinds of people should inspire us to become greater.



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