Gut Reactions

It’s interesting how our gut can tell us something and at the moment in time, we have no facts to back up the way we feel. We might feel someone is bad news or that we can’t trust them. Maybe it’s the opposite, maybe you’ve only known someone for a couple of days but you already feel you can trust them and be open with them.

Reader, your gut is usually right. If you can put your heart and your emotions on the sidelines, listen to your gut. Is it telling you to run? Or is it telling you to stay?

My gut has been telling me something for quite some time now and only just recently, did facts finally back up the way I felt.

If you think someone isn’t telling you the truth, you’re probably right. If you think someone isn’t being faithful to you, you’re probably right. If you think someone is worthy of your trust and your gut agrees, it’s probably right.

Don’t underestimate your gut feeling – sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us from making the mistake of walking away or staying.

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