If You Blink, You Might Miss It

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Discovered my new favorite spot today.

Has anyone realized we’re already halfway through October? I feel as though the summer was just here and already I need a jacket at night because it’s getting cold. I think back on the summer and ask myself, what exactly did I do?. Time is flying by so quickly and sometimes, I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water.

A typical morning for me goes something like this:  7:15am already? I wonder what the weather is like today. Nuts, I forgot to send that email yesterday. I think this outfit should be good. Five more minutes and then I need to leave. Let me check my calendar. Coffee….I need my coffee. Keys? Check.

And off I go to work, to days with meeting after meeting and fast-paced responsibilities. And I love mostly every second of it.

But then the day comes to a close and my brain begins whizzing through the myriad of thoughts of what I did or did not complete.

Today, I needed a break from my ever-constant thoughts. I decided to break out of my routine. I left work later than usual and drove to a local spot that overlooks a gorgeous bay. The sun was setting and the air was crisp. I felt like me again. The schedule, the busyness, the numerous people desiring my attention or response all faded away.

It was just me, my laptop, and the crisp air.

It’s healthy to break out of our routine schedules – even during the work week! We all need the chance to unwind and do something new. I encourage you to try to do something out of the ordinary before the week ends. Visit a new place, reach out to a friend last minute for a cup of coffee, be spontaneous.

In my very scheduled life, I need spontaneity and I so appreciate the people in my life who inspire me to practice that habit. Okay, let’s be real…can spontaneity really be spontaneous if you make it a habit?

I digress.

Reader, don’t be so scheduled in your life that you forget to live it. It’s healthy to not plan everything. Sometimes the best moments in life are the spontaneous ones.



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  • Tara
    October 15, 2015

    Love it!

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