Lessons Learned From Skipping Rocks

2unspecifiedBeing adventurous has been a recurring theme in my life lately. It’s ranged from trying new foods, to traveling, to not allowing “failure” to stop me from trying again.

Recently, I went on a run with a friend by a nearby boardwalk. After our run, we walked towards the water and he began skipping rocks. I can easily count the number of times I’ve tried this on my own, and I’ve failed miserably each time. I mean, the rock just hit the water and sank, every.single.time.

He offered me a rock and in a few seconds explained the best way to do it. Instead of just doing it, I mentally prepared myself to fail and even went so far as to tell him I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. But I moved towards the water and following his instructions, tossed the rock into the water.

To my surprise, the rock skipped! I let out a squeal of unexpected delight and suddenly began searching for more rocks to skip. I fully expected to fail and was beyond delighted that I hadn’t. I tossed a few more rocks into the water and while some sank, some did skip. Each time a rock sank though, I found myself battling this decision of do I try again? or do I quit?

It’s amazing how “failure” impacts us. The same way I was driven to keep trying because of the success of skipping the rock the first time, had I failed, I don’t know that I would’ve tried again. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, but as I’ve continued on this journey of self-discovery, there’s a characteristic about myself that I’m becoming more aware of.

As much as I like challenges, I’m not sure I accept challenges I don’t think I can conquer. Deep down, I believe I can and that’s why I accept them.

But something so small as skipping rocks showed me that when I feel failure threatening to overtake me, I want to back down.

And that’s not the kind of person I want to be.

Slowly but surely, the theme for this new year is becoming apparent to me.

The theme is: Adventure.

I’ve decided it’s time I stop allowing fear of the unknown and fear of failure to control me. Whether that means trying a new food I’m not sure I’ll like (hello dried fish), to traveling to a foreign country (heck, even a new state!), or attempting something  I’m not sure I’ll be good at, it’s time I step out of my comfort zone.

I’d encourage you to try something new, friend. Expand your horizons and seek to enjoy all this beautiful life has to offer.

I’m excited to have you along for this adventurous ride. 🙂



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