Life: Worthless or Priceless?

I read an article today that enraged me. This article talked about life as though it was disposable. It said that life is only valuable if those around that life deem it as such. Worse, it said that others have the right to decide whether this life lives or dies, based on whether or not it would negatively affect those around them.

Think this is crazy? Read on, reader. Take a look at this article, and then come on back.

Hopefully you took a read and I earnestly hope you were as enraged as I am. Who do these people think they are to say that a newborn baby should be put to death? If you haven’t figured it out, I’m 100% pro-life, but even those who are okay with abortion wouldn’t necessarily agree with this article. This is just sadistic evil!

A precious newborn baby is born to parents. And you’re telling me that because of a birth defect, they are going to be allowed to MURDER this child?? And you’re telling me it’s going to be LEGAL?

Has the world gone mad?????????

Reader, I don’t know about you, but this makes my blood boil. With every ounce of energy I have, I want to affect change. I want people to realize that life is precious regardless of its shape, size, or wholeness. Whether a child has 10 fingers and 10 toes or has a disability, life is PRECIOUS!

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The moment we devalue life in ANY way, we devalue everyone. The moment we say it’s okay for some to live, but then say it’s okay and encouraged for others to be murdered, we have gone against our very nature to protect and preserve our own.

The concept that the lives of some people are not worth living leads to the death of newborns with disabilities and infanticide. This concept also leads to the continued devaluation of the lives of people with disabilities and people with chronic and other vulnerable conditions.” ~Alex Schadenberg

That statement sums up this article very well. This concept is not only a dangerous one, but it will only aid in the continued devaluing of life.

We see this every day. Children are forced into labor and sex trafficking. People of all ages are kidnapped so their organs can be taken and sold on the black market. Children are purposefully maimed in foreign countries so onlookers will have more sympathy and give more to the begging child, which in turn only goes into the evil hands that caused the maiming.

Is this too much reality for you?

Reader, every time we do something we are either taking a stance for life or devaluing it. From the television shows we watch, to the movies we see, to the clothes we buy, to the places we eat. Everything we do affects lives.

What are you doing to ensure your life brings value to the lives of others around you? What are you doing to take a stance for life to show it’s more important than mere “convenience”?

Life has value. You have value. They have value. To believe and act on anything different is inhumane and deplorably selfish.

May God help anyone who believes otherwise.

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