Like Father, Like Son

13119991_10207735194752739_5230672272594014915_o (1)This past weekend I ran off to the beach multiple times. I referenced it in my last post, but a particular incident that happened has stuck with me and I feel compelled to share.

As I sat on the beach, I looked around at the ocean, at the children laughing, and at the waves playfully crashing into the shore. As my eyes surveyed what was going on around me, I stopped on a father and son slowly entering the ocean. The young boy was no older than seven and was obviously afraid of the waves coming towards him. The father sturdied himself behind his son, put his arm around his son’s shoulders, and braced both himself and his son for the wave coming towards them. Just as the wave was about to crash, the father lifted his son up over the wave and placed him back down.

The son seemed delighted that he had conquered the wave, but still seemed apprehensive at the next wave on its way. The father took the same stance and the same series of events as before ensued. The wave came, the father lifted his son up, and the son smiled with delight while still slightly clinging to his father.

Before I knew it, the father and son had stepped back onto the sand. Within moments, the son was running back to the ocean pulling his father with him. He was no longer afraid. Instead, he was excited for the challenge the wave presented, but he was excited for the challenge because his father was there.

I wonder what would happen if we viewed life that way. Many Christians refer to God as “Abba father” or as “God the Father.” It’s natural for us to view God as a father figure who loves us unconditionally, teaches us, and is there with us through the good and bad.

Sometimes I think we’re like that child though. We see the waves of life coming towards us and we panic. We want to run the other way, towards somewhere safe and clear of hurt, pain, and challenge. But what if we remembered in those moments that God was standing there with us, like the father on the beach with his son. What if we took a moment to remind ourselves that He is steadying us and He will lift us over the waves coming towards us.

And what if we trusted Him to do it, instead of floundering around on our own…

Moments like this remind me how great the God I serve is. He is fully capable of protecting me, fully desiring to bless me, and fully aware of all that we are surrounded by.

He loves us just as we are.

Maybe, just maybe, if we trusted God to be Who He says He is, instead of trying to do life on our own, maybe we’d finally experience Him the way we were always intended to.



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