Love Thy Neighbor

This past week I went house hunting. A wonderful friend of mine took me around to look at a few properties that had gotten my attention and I fell in love with house #2. It was gorgeous! From the cherry wood floors to the perfect mix of neutral paint and accent walls, I could definitely picture calling this place home. While we were there, the owner and his young daughter arrived home and introduced themselves.

He was such a nice man and his daughter was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. We chatted about the neighborhood, how long he’d lived there, why he was selling, and other small talk. And the whole time we were speaking, I could feel my heart aching.

You see, he was an African American man and he was a cop. I looked at him and saw such a sweet, genuine man who loved his family and felt a sense of pride in his job. He wasn’t arrogant nor rude. He was another human being, just like you and me.

And it made me wonder, why do so many feel such hate towards those who risk their lives daily to protect and defend? This man could’ve treated me shabbily. He could’ve seen a young woman who is quite frankly, as white as they come, and acted with disdain towards me. Instead, he was kind, honest, and genuine. There was no sense of racial hate whatsoever. At the end our conversation I had the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for being a police officer.

It’s not an easy job, especially with all of the hate and riots going on in our country. I wouldn’t want it, and I have a feeling neither would you.

It takes one person to start a riot or shoot a gun that forever changes history. But it also takes one person saying, “Thank you” to a police officer to make their day.

Let’s be someone who makes a positive impact in a world that’s falling apart. Let’s be the one who brings peace to a situation instead of adding fuel to the fire.

And let’s always show gratitude to the people who risk their lives daily to keep us safe – regardless of the color of their skin.



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