New Friends & Coffee Dates

Tonight was so needed and so refreshing. I had the opportunity to have a “girlie coffee date” with a new friend. She’s down to earth and genuine and it was so refreshing. Sometimes on the East coast, you forget how open and honest people desire to be. We tend to have our walls up and not let people in easily.

It was so refreshing to sit down with someone I barely knew, and not lack for conversation in the least. We talked about the ways we were raised, hobbies, spiritual topics, and life currently. The Starbucks nearly had to kick us out.

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 11.45.45 PMIt. was. grand. =)

New friendships often take work to get things rolling and get into that comfortable groove. But I’m thankful for the ability to make new friends, because it gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, had I left my walls high.

Here’s to accepting the new season and all it brings: Fall, leaves changing colors, pumpkin carving, apple picking, corn mazes, bonfires, and best of all – new friendships!

Happy Fall Friends! I hope you embrace this season as much as I plan to!



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