No Time Like The Present

This piece has been sitting in my drafts for a long time. With some current edits towards the end, I hope you enjoy these thoughts.


My mind is all over the place tonight. I find myself missing people more than normal today.

I’m missing the little ones that used to be in our home and I’m missing dear friends who are hundreds of miles away. It’s difficult to not feel like you’re missing out on life when such big pieces feel like they’re…well….missing.

I’ve looked over photos, watched videos, and remembered memories of those who are dear to me. I’ve smiled at the funny moments and near cried soon after.

Why is it that in life, there always seems to be something missing? We’re always clinging to the hope that at some point, all will be right. And while yes, someday, we’ll be with loved ones again, there are just those days where we don’t feel like all is quite right with the world.

I’ve been working hard at being present. Having the girls here taught me to be more present than I’ve ever been before. I stopped thinking about all of my future goals and finally rested in the here and now. I wish I could’ve held on to those moments just a little longer and been just a little more present, if at all possible. I wish life allowed us to revisit moments physically, instead of just in our memories.

So reader, here’s a reminder to be present. Put the phone down and stop caring whether or not your Instagram photo is being liked. The people you’re hanging out with, care more about spending time with you than advertising they went out with friends. Close the laptop and stop counting the comments on your most recent Facebook update – go spend time with your family instead.

Be present. Make the choice to consciously make people a priority.

Fair warning friends, the next gathering I host might include a basket for cell phones and a note that says:

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 10.34.27 PMLet’s all grow up a little bit and remember the world doesn’t revolve around us and our “social” status. Make people a priority and they will make you one too.

Relationships with those around us make the world go ’round. It’s time we invested into them what they’re worth.



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