None So Blind As They Who Will Not See

Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

It’s amazing to think that someone could be the richest person in the world, financially, but be the poorest in so many other areas. Have you ever met someone like that? They have the mansion, the fancy cars, the VIP status at their local golf club; but when they need a friend or need someone to care for them, no one is there. And when people are there, it’s only because of what they gain, not give, to the relationship.

It’s such a shame to live that way. I always wonder if we could fast forward 70 years. The very same wealthy individual has worked their whole life, accruing wealth and working late, long hours, only to be on their death bed – alone.

I can see it now. That person is in their 90’s. They’ve lived a long life, full of working and satisfying all the people around them. They’ve only known what it’s like to achieve things at work, because they never took the time to cultivate relationships with those around them. Before they know it, they’ve spent more years than they wish to count, working and forgetting to enjoy life around them. As they breathe their last breath, no one is there to hold their hand, say “I love you”, or kiss them on the cheek as they enter into eternity.

I ask you – what is life unless you have relationship with others? No amount of money can buy you real friendship, deep love, and genuine relationships.

Personally, I’d rather live a slightly above average life, knowing that I’m loved and have genuine people in my life, than be a billionaire with no true relationships. Thankfully, life doesn’t need to be one or the other, but it all comes down to this.

It’s your choice who you let in and who you keep out. It’s your choice what you prioritize. I hope you don’t work so hard creating a life, that you forget to live it. Wake up and smell the roses now so that in 70 years, you’ll have wonderful memories of enjoying a full life, with the people you love most.

Let’s stop focussing on being rich, and instead, focus on being wealthy. I’m glad to say I’m a wealthy girl because of the amazing relationships I’m blessed by.

What about you? Who are you thankful for that has made your life a better place to be?

I always feel like the wealthiest girl in the world after spending time with this gem!

I always feel like the wealthiest girl in the world after spending time with this gem!

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