One Word Changed Lives

Tonight we had a wonderful evening with our foster baby and his mom. For those of you who may know how the foster system works, a story like ours is quite unusual.

In the past, we typically treasured the anonymity that comes from not knowing the biological parents and them not knowing who we were. There’s a certain level of safety and protection most foster families want, due to the situation the children are usually coming from.

While we had felt this way in the past, this situation was different. Early on, we had a desire to get to know his mom and begin to welcome her into our family. Our relationship with her began a few months ago and it’s been an honor and pleasure since. She is truly such a sweet, lovable young woman and we’ve been blessed by our friendship and relationship with her.

But 5 months ago, when we received that phone call asking if we’d take in a little boy, had we said, “No.” we would’ve missed out on the incredible opportunity we’ve had. The last five months haven’t just been about taking care of a little one. It’s so much bigger than that.

In doing so, we’ve found that we’ve begun to heal, that we’ve been able to bring comfort to other aching hearts, and we’ve been blessed by this little one’s smile that lights up an entire room.

Little did we know that a phone call on a Friday night, was God handing us an opportunity to change not one, but multiple lives. He’s changing our family’s lives and he’s changing our foster baby and his mom’s life.

And in doing so, he’s brought two families together to help each other grow and support each other.

While many of you have watched over the last year as we’ve been through the heartbreak that fostering sometimes brings, I hope you smile in seeing that there is good in this world. Situations are what you make of it and opportunity is there, everywhere you look, to make this world a better place.

God’s love is waiting to be poured out on those in need of Him, but He lovingly waits for us to say, “Yes, Lord. Use me to show them Your love.”

Who in your life is in need of seeing that love? Who in your life has God placed before you, asking if you’ll be the conduit of His love?

We could’ve said “No” that Friday night, but I’m so incredibly grateful we said “Yes.”

Yes to taking in a little one.

Yes to making a difference in the lives around us.

Yes to welcoming them in to be a part of our family. 

Yes to forever being changed ourselves, in the process.



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