I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about the word “potential” as of late. So many people are told they have potential. They have the potential to be millionaires, the potential to cure diseases, the potential to alter the history of mankind.

But the problem is, having potential is not enough.

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Do you know anyone like this? I’ve met many people in my life who had so much potential. As a teen, I knew someone who had the potential to be an incredible lawyer. Instead, they chose to drown their life in drugs, in and out of jail throughout our teenage and young adult years. To this day, I still don’t know where he is or what he made of his life. As a young adult, I know many people who chose to throw away their 20’s and “live it up”, only to awaken on their 30th birthday with nothing to show for the last decade except hangovers and debt.

People often say they want to unleash the potential they have. But they have no idea how. Instead, they talk the talk, but in reality, that potential stays buried deep.

It’s so sad to see, because those of us on the outside can all see the potential inside of them, but no one but them can bring it to the surface.

Sometimes they’ll die with that potential still buried deep, or they will be spurred to action to become the person we always knew they could be.



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  • Isaac
    December 15, 2014

    Do you have suggestions on how to help those individuals reach their potential?

    • happilyme23
      December 15, 2014


      So glad you asked! I do actually. I plan to make another blog post, as a follow-up to this one, on different ways that will help people bring the potential they have to the surface. I was curious to know if anyone would ask that, so you just made my day. =)

      Thanks for reading!

      • Isaac
        December 16, 2014

        Woo hoo!

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