Puppy Love

Hi there reader!

As you might have noticed, I do my best to post inspirational and encouraging things that have inspired me in my own daily life. Today, I thought you might enjoy seeing a little glimpse into personal life, as opposed to just hearing about it.

Without further ado, meet Max (short for Maxwell) – our new office puppy!


He is just the cutest little not so little thing! He’s only 11 weeks old and has stolen the hearts of nearly every office employee. I met him for the first time earlier this week and boy oh boy, has my heart been won over. I’ve loved golden retrievers for a long time now, and it makes going to work all the more enjoyable. He even cracked a puppy smile in the photo above!

How about you reader? Are you an animal lover? Tell you what, I’m fast becoming one!

With love,

Max and Manda (Hmm…I think this could become a thing!) 😉


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