I got back from vacation last night and within 30 minutes of arriving back home, reality hit. It was like a whirlwind of different pieces of news that knocked on my door. I was looking forward to getting back to reality, but not this quickly!

In all truth though, I had a wonderful vacation with wonderful friends. I got a tan, sat by the pool, went to Disney for the first time (yes, you read that correctly), and was able to unplug from work and reality.

It was so needed and I was blessed to get away.

While I’m looking forward to getting back to work and catching up on everything I missed this last week, I’m resisting the temptation to feel overwhelmed. Even last night as I drifted off to sleep, back in my own bed, I could feel the anxiousness trying to sweep in. Sometimes I just need to remember that it does not all rest on my shoulders. I can breathe and I can ask for help. I’m not created to be superwoman – though sometimes I pretend I am.

If you’re in need of a vacation, I hope you can mentally jump into some of my photos below and hear the waves crashing onto the shore and the sounds of palm trees swishing in the breeze.

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.10.39 PM Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.10.48 PM Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.10.56 PM Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.11.04 PM Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 6.11.28 PM

Going away showed me that it’s important for me to take the time to unplug. Even if it’s just one day a week, I need to unplug from everything around me – the busyness, the chaos, and the “need” to always have something to run to. We’re not created that way, which is why we’re commanded to have a day of rest. God wasn’t trying to control us, He was trying to protect us from running ourselves into the ground.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend reader, and I hope that together, we’ll learn how to give ourselves a break and learn how to stop being our harshest critic.




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