She Took The Midnight “Plane” Going Anywhere

Hi there reader!

I’m currently 36,000 feet in the air and climbing as I type this. I’m so beyond excited to get away for a week, to clear my head, and have time for me. This past weekend was proof of how desperately I needed to get away from reality for a bit and just enjoy life.

This past weekend, I found myself getting angry at the littlest things. I was angry with people, angry with the past, angry at stupid little things that really had no bearing on me one way or the other. I went to sleep Saturday night feeling like I wanted to punch something. Through teary eyes and silent prayers, I fell asleep.

Sunday morning, I awoke feeling like a weight had been lifted. Though circumstances had not changed, my outlook had. I needed that time “away” to help give my mind a new perspective. Things were not as bad as I had thought and while certain situations remained unchanged, I at least had a new zeal for seeing things through instead of giving up.

That Saturday night’s rest was needed, but this week away? Boy oh boy. I can tell that I physically and mentally need this vacation. I tend to have workaholic tendencies, as much as I hate to admit it. I’m the “yes” girl. You need something done and done right? Give it to me. The problem with that though, is that I take on way too much and then hold myself to this ridiculous standard that is super woman. There are times where we need to admit that the goals we’ve set are just plain unrealistic.

I’m trying to get better with unplugging from work (hello this week) and just enjoying life. I’m so ready to sit in the sun, shades on, and phone off. My office knows I’m unplugging, the away message is up, and someone else is in charge.

And it feels SO good!

I hope thatScreen shot 2015-03-09 at 9.52.00 AM whatever you do, reader, that you take the time to unplug and relax. It’s not healthy to be working 24/7, for anyone involved. We’re given vacation days for a reason. Use them.

And as much as I am thrilled to be getting away, I can’t wait to come back to reality/work/life and be the best I can be.




On cloud nine (literally),



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