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Hey Reader,

If you’ve learned anything by now about me, I hope it’s the fact I’m pretty raw and honest on this little space I call my blog. Tonight, I’m sharing a piece of my heart I don’t think I’ve ever shared on here, so buckle up. 😉

I went to a place I frequently go to, holding a little 3 week old baby. Two weeks ago, I walked in holding a different baby, who was 2 months old. My family and I are a foster family, so that opens up the possibility of having a little one in my arms every few weeks or months. I love that we foster and I love having these little ones around. However, carrying a new baby into this place every couple of weeks has caused some people to wonder – especially if they don’t know my family and I are a foster family.

I had people ask a friend of mine if the baby was mine. Two weeks ago, I received what felt like judging stares from some and congratulations from others – both came from people I didn’t know and who didn’t know me or my character. So many assumptions were made about the kind of person I am, what I’ve “done”, or the path I’ve chosen. It baffles my mind how quick we are to judge or assume.

As I get older and prepare for what I believe God has called me to, I’m realizing more and more that I’ll need to get over this fear of what people think. I can’t control their thoughts and judgements and honestly, it’s none of my business to.

For so long, I’ve shied away from things because I’ve been so concerned about people taking it the wrong way. But there’s no freedom in that! While the Bible tells us to abstain from the appearance of evil, I think I’ve taken it a bit too far and allowed this legalistic idea to set in that says I can’t do anything that could possibly be assumed to be something it’s not. 

But that’s not freedom. That’s allowing my assumptions of what others might assume to keep me chained up and in bondage.

And that’s not what Christ died for. He died for us so that we could live freely. He gave His life so we could live eternally with Him and change the world before our time on this earth has ended.

For years, I’ve been so bound up in this lie that I’m responsible for what people think of me, and I’m not. I’m responsible for how I live. What people assume is on them.

The sad thing reader, is that this is how I’ve lived my life since I can remember. And just now, am I being set free.

So here are my words of wisdom to you, friend:

  • Abstain from evil and the appearance of it
  • Live honestly and freely
  • Set yourself free from the assumptions you’ve made about the assumptions of others
  • Repeat

Life isn’t meant to be lived in chains. Let’s stop being the ones who keep picking up the assumptions of others and carrying it like dead weight. Throw it off! It’s not yours to carry.

I’m free to be who I am and I encourage you to do the same. Just don’t forget the words of wisdom above and you’ll be a-okay.



2 Responses
  • Linda
    September 18, 2017

    Well said!

  • Lisa Romero
    July 4, 2018

    Just reading this, I too lived in fear of the opinions and assumptions of others. I’ll never forget when God was instructing me to walk away from a certain thing, I wrestled, one…because I had grown close to many in that place, but, two.. feared what would be said of me. One day in Prayer, that is exactly what I was shown…not to concern myself with the assumptions of others, He (God) would deal justly with them as he had also with me. From that day forth..when I know I’m supposed to do something, or if I have a decision to make, I remember that incident..I pray for us both, that as we continue to mature in our walk with The Lord our yes is based solely on our LOVE and Obedience towards him. ❤

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