Stress Be Gone

How do you deal with stress? For me, my body tends to respond with a weakened immune system and the sudden, dire need for extra sleep.

Apparently, I’ve been very stressed, as I came down with a double ear infection and have been sleeping like nobody’s business. The last few weeks, I’ve found myself feeling like I’m drowning and just trying to keep my head above water. Ever felt that way?

After a somewhat emotional moment with my mom, she gave me some very wise words. She said, “You need to schedule time to relax. Plan to do things that you enjoy and that relax you.” And she’s right. It’s so important to take the time to do things for ourselves.

Here are just a couple ways I help myself relax:

Massages/Facials – I never knew what the hype was about until I got a facial. If you’ve never had one, you need to try it, at least once. Good facials tend to be around $60+, so if you’re cringing at that number, take $10 a week and put it away. In less than 2 months, you’ll have saved enough for the facial and a decent tip. Trust me, your face (and your mind, body, and soul) will thank you. Just be sure the person doing it is a licensed esthetician. That can make all the difference!

Yoga – As a Christian, we hear many different schools of thought on this. For me, I stay far away from any meditation types of yoga. I go to classes that are strictly yoga stretching only. I once did an 8 week class, that was held once a week on Thursday nights. What a difference it made to know that every week, I was locked in to an hour of relaxing. Those Fridays were some of the best I’ve ever had! Relaxing during the week is key to not wearing yourself out.

Sleep – If you’re feeling stressed or tired, get to bed early! It’s amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do for your mental and physical state.

Hobbies – I love writing (surprised? I don’t think so.). I also really enjoy taking time to photograph nature and landscapes, as pictured here.Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 7.07.01 AM There’s just something so relaxing about appreciating nature and the God Who created it. Even if you don’t believe there is a God or a Creator, how can you not just relish in and enjoy the beautiful world around you?

Spending Time With Family & Friends – Do you know how much time you have remaining on this earth? Do you know how much time your loved ones and friends have on this earth? The truth is, we never really know. Instead of spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, put the phone down and spend time with the people who matter most. Ten years from now, you can always look back at people’s photos and statuses. You can’t, however, make up for lost time with people. Make it a priority. You won’t regret it.

Well reader, those are just some of the ways I try to stay balanced and less stressed in this crazy, crazy world. Apparently, I need to take more of my own medicine.

What are some key things you do to maintain balance and stay less stressed?



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  • Pottsy
    February 20, 2015

    Definitely agree with you on the sleep, I felt so sick this week I had to go home early one day, I slept so much I felt like an entirely new person the next day. I know that extra sleep makes a huge difference but I am still so bad at prioritising this. The other things I like to do to relax is to ice-skate. There is a rink near work so it’s great being able to escape over lunch-break, have a proper hour away from my desk, where I am completely uncontactable (I leave mobile in the office) and it’s just about me enjoying myself on the ice. Has made a world of difference to my stress levels!

    • happilyme23
      February 21, 2015

      Thanks for sharing!! That sounds heavenly to have time to ice skate, without being reachable by phone. I should definitely make more of a habit of unplugging. The fact you do it during your lunch break is even more wonderful!

      Hope to hear more from you! =)

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