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I had an opportunity to meet Ashley about two months ago through a blog group I’m part of. She’s not only one of the sweetest people I’ve met in the group, but she’s also a consultant for Arbonne. In the past, I’ve always been wary of “consultants” and have steered clear of these different types of companies. Getting to know Ashley, however, I thought I’d give it a try. Within a few weeks, I received a box full of sample goodies and was amazed at the results I saw with some of the products.

Energy Boosters

As a coffee drinker (at least one cup a day, 5 times a week), I like having a little boost of energy. I tried these “Fizz Sticks” and was shocked at how quickly I received a boost of energy. They reminded me a lot of “Emergen-C” packets that you can pour into water, only much better. The taste is amazing and they come in both pomegranate and orange flavors. I’ll definitely be needing to make a purchase of these in the near future.

Fizz Sticks

Nutritional Fixes

Another item I tried was the Arbonne Essentials nutrition bar. As a woman, I’m a BIG fan of chocolate. If I can enjoy something healthy that has a chocolate flavor to it, I feel like it’s a win all around. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of this nutrition bar, as it seemed a little dry to me. The flavor was good though. If I were planning to have it after a workout, I would just suggest having it with a cup of tea. It’s definitely a great way to throw some nutrients into your body in a quick and portable way. Enjoy something chocolate flavored and feel good while eating it.

Arbonne Nutrition Bar

Makeup & Skincare Love

This time of year, my skin can get a little dry. Finding a moisturizer that gives me just the right amount of moisture without getting oily, can be tough. In the samples, I received a Gentle Daily Moisturizer and have been pretty happy with the results. If you’ve been looking for a winter moisturizer, definitely give this one a try!

Arbonne Daily Moisturizer

See something you like? Click on the images to be brought directly to the product page and make your purchase.

Interested in finding out what other products Arbonne has to offer? Visit Ashley’s page here to see what other goodies are available for you or as a gift! 

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