The Art Of Knowing

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.44.51 PMKnowing someone so well that you don’t need words to communicate is an incredible thing. A knowing glance, inherently knowing how someone will react, or knowing the exact thing to say or do to make their day better, is a gift.

In my life, I have had very few people who I have this type of connection with. Few people seem to want to invest into a friendship long enough or deeply enough to reach that place of knowing. 

Truth be told, friendships in today’s world are mostly shallow. For instance, how many times do we say “How are you?” to someone as we continue to walk past, not waiting for an answer? We ask a question, one which should come from a genuine heart asking how a friend is. Instead, we ask it as a nicety with a mutual understand that neither party really cares. How sad is that? We’ve grown accustomed to shallow conversational exchanges, neither party being genuine in their quest to learn more, and then we wonder why friendships never move past the point of Facebook likes.

It wasn’t until recently that my eyes were opened to this, even more so than they already were. I work hard to invest into the people around me. I enjoy deep, meaningful, thought-provoking relationships, and I try to stay away from shallow people who ask how I am, but don’t really care.

I want to know and I want to be known. I want to see the good, bad, and ugly sides of those I care about and I want to trust them enough to allow them to see those sides of me.

Reader, if we can’t be there for each other through the good, bad, and ugly, what’s the point? Why do we masquerade around in this false sense of friendship when in the end, all we have are shallow questions from ingenue people?

Your time is valuable. It’s the one resource you can’t make more of, buy, or get back. Invest it wisely and choose carefully who you invest into.

Let’s be people who ask “How are you?” and mean it. Let’s be people who move past liking a Facebook status and instead, tell them what we like about them in a face to face, meaningful conversation.

And let’s be people who strive to know each other so well, that all it takes is a glance to communicate a thought.

That’s the kind of friendship I want, reader. How about you?



2 Responses
  • Lili
    February 19, 2016

    That’s what we all need 🙂

    • happilyme23
      February 20, 2016

      Thanks for stopping by – hope to see more of you around here! =)

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