The Change It Brings

How often do you hear of people wanting to change? They want to change their weight, their appearance, their income, their job, etc.

We all want change, but few people are willing to do what it takes to change. That’s where we are different.

I want change and I will do what I must to see that change. I will work my fingers to the bone. I will workout until the late hours of the evening. I will sacrifice time with my family to make someone else know they’re loved. And yet, what becomes of it?

Sometimes it goes unappreciated, unrealized, and taken for granted. That’s when I need to stop and think. Did I do this for them? Or did I do it so in the event I need to walk away, I know I did my best?

I hope to God, it’s the latter. If I do things for the sake of others, I will seemingly fail, because others will fail me. If my success depends on the consistency and loyalty of others, whatever I am working so hard for will almost always fail.

I’ve sadly come to the determination that regardless of how hard I try and regardless of how much of my best I give, sometimes it will never be enough.

But for those people and those circumstances, it’s a signal that walking away may be best. If they say, “I’m sorry” but don’t change what they’re sorry for or the situation that caused you pain, what they’re really saying is, “Too bad you’re hurt, I’m doing it anyway.”.

If you have people like that in your life, have the tough conversation and cut them loose. As much as you may love and care for them, they’re not worth the constant pain. Allow yourself to say goodbye and begin to heal. Otherwise, it’ll just be a wound that keeps being ripped open.

Make every day count. Let the tears fall, let the hurt be felt. And when the time comes, wipe the dust from your pants, get up, and heal.

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