The Real Me

Here I am. It’s 11 o’clock at night, I’m in my pjs, and the writer in me is begging to be allowed out for just a little bit. Life has been insanely crazy and I’ve neglected a love of mine – writing.

To be honest, the last couple of months a lot of what I want has been neglected. The precious little beauties residing with us for now have taken front and center stage. It’s been a wild, crazy, exciting, exhausting, rewarding, and unimaginable experience. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I will admit though, when the house is quiet and I finally have the chance to sit here with my thoughts, a cup of raspberry tea, and a concoction of a few different snacks that no one is seeking to stealthily grab, I feel like one content gal. It’s almost as if life has gone back to what used to be “normal”. The odd thing though, is that my old normal, will never be normal for me again. Life has changed, forever. Whether or not these little ones stay with us, our lives have been wonderfully changed by the little hands that will forever be imprinted on our heart.

I don’t know what the next few months hold. I don’t even know what the day will hold at times. The uncertainty in my life right now is unreal. And for someone who tends to be a perfectionist and fairly organized, uncertainty is a 4-letter word in my book.

In all of this though, I’ve learned better the important things in life. A friend who takes the time to help lessen the burdens you’re carrying just by being a listening ear, a hug from someone who loves you, an encouraging word, laughter with friends, and watching little and littlest sleep peacefully – these are currently some of the most important things in my life.

I may not always have time for myself, but I hope I always find time to enjoy the important things in life. Some things are once in a lifetime opportunities, and other things will be there for a lifetime if you realize their importance early on.

Many people pass up the important things every day, only to look back on that season and see how much they missed. Don’t be one of those people, dear reader. Embrace the season, embrace the change, and enjoy the ride.

What’s life if you don’t live it?

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