Turn Off The World

I turned off the world tonight. My phone was on, but was on silent. I responded to texts from friends, but I didn’t give in to the pressure to always be available. Some people I let wait (and still haven’t responded to) and I’m learning that it’s okay.

In our world of technology, there is this unspoken belief that you should always be reachable. Friend, always being reachable isn’t healthy. Sometimes it’s a good (and freeing) feeling to have a few notification bubbles waiting for your reply.

Typically, my goal is to respond as quickly as possible and “clear out” my to-do’s when it comes to texts and other forms of messages. Lately, I’ve been realizing how unhealthy that pressure is.

Don’t be ruled by your phone, your notifications, or what the world “expects”. If it’s urgent, they’ll call and even then, let it go to voicemail. Listen to the message and decide whether or not it can wait.

I’ve been slave to my phone for so long and it felt so darn good to not be a slave tonight.

People can wait an hour to hear back from a text. Nothing will burn down because you didn’t reply instantly. Life isn’t nearly as urgent as we often make it. The dishes can be cleaned in the morning. The carpet can be vacuumed later. Even the laundry can sit for an extra day without causing chaos – unless of course all your underwear is in the laundry…then you should probably go wash it right now. 😉

In a world where notifications are constantly yelling at you, it’s your responsibility to silence them and decide when you respond.

Not hearing notifications and feeling the vibration of my phone every 5 minutes tonight was so needed and very much welcomed. I think I’ll be doing this more often. 🙂

Now please excuse me while I turn off my phone and head to bed. The world can wait.



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  • Linda
    August 30, 2017


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