Turning The Page

The day has finally arrived where we will all say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in 2015. For me, this day couldn’t come quickly enough.

This year wasn’t terrible, but the last portion of the year was rough. It was rough physically (getting strep throat ON Christmas day for example), it was rough emotionally, and it was even rough spiritually.

I know that closing this chapter and opening a new one won’t fix everything, but there’s just something about closing a year that makes you feel as though you’ve been given the opportunity to “start fresh”. There are already so many things I’m looking forward to in 2015, that my heart is ready to race to the finish line of this year so we can get to all of the wonderful things up ahead.

Here is my advice to you reader: Leave your 2014 baggage in 2014. Don’t take it with you. Leave all of the hurts, pain, and disappointment behind. Only take your faith, hope, and belief that God is always, always faithful.

For me, that looks like leaving all of the “what-if’s” behind. It looks like opening my heart to those who have been waiting for the chance to be welcomed in. It looks like laughing more, worrying less, and living life instead of letting life just happen to me.

This year, I will be more purposeful about the people I give my time to; I will make active movements forward to not waste time on meaningless things; and I will continue to learn even more deeply how wide and how deep the Lord loves me and those around me.

You might not be able to change the things that went on this past year, but in less than 8 hours, a new page will be turned, a new chapter will begin.

This time next year, may we be smiling ear to ear for all that God has done and continues to do. May we have made the most of our year, ready to hit the ground running as a new chapter turns.

Happy New Year, reader!



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