Walking on Sunshine

I awoke this morning to find, I’m still on cloud 9.

Yesterday, I had my first speaking engagement and when I tell you I was excited and nervous at the same time, that’s an understatement. Months of preparation went into what I believe God placed on my heart to share, and in a 20 minute time frame, I was concluding my message. It went by so quickly, but it was amazing.

Pastor Pam, Angela Brown, and myself - our 3 conference speakers.

Pastor Pam, Angela Brown, and myself – our 3 conference speakers.

As I stood up there in front of over 100 women, sharing my heart, I realized something. I couldn’t do any of what I’m doing, without the Lord’s help. I was in awe as the remaining speakers shared their hearts after I had shared, because each topic they spoke on so beautifully tied together all of our messages. Only God could orchestrate that. None of us had really seen each other’s entire message. All we knew for the most part, was topically what each person would be sharing on.

Today, I’m on cloud 9 because I’m overwhelmingly blessed that God chose me to live this out. I’m in awe that He picked me to have the opportunity to have a voice in front of over 100 women yesterday and hundreds of people through this blog.

And what I keep asking God for, is to keep me humble. I never, for a second, want to think this is because of anything I did. Yes, I write, Yes, I spoke. But none of that could’ve happened without God first directing me to write the things I write or connecting me with people who’d give me such incredible opportunities.

If you feel as though you’re sitting on the sidelines, asking God “When is it my turn?”, I’d encourage you to really look deeply into your life. Have you made God first? Have you been obedient to the things He’s asked you to do?

I don’t know that we ever fully perfect that during this earthly life, but what I do know is, God honors a heart that is actively working to put Him first.

He loves you, reader. He can be trusted. And He wants to bless you with every good thing. It’s time we hand over the control of our lives, and allow God to show us the incredible things only He could do, through us.



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