What Little We See

I was at a local supermarket recently that was preparing to close its doors. They were selling everything at discounted prices in preparation for the transition. I stepped inside and what I saw chilled me to the bone.Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 10.02.32 PM
I walked in expecting to see a supermarket. I walked in expecting to see stocked shelves and red discount tags. But instead, all I saw were empty shelves and the remains of what others didn’t want.

It took me back to hurricane Sandy. I remembered walking into stores and seeing empty shelves. There was no bread, no milk, no eggs, or butter. It was empty. People were rationing gas and hundreds of thousands of people had no electricity. It was scary.

And yet, we’re still so blessed to live in a country where even at our worst, we’re better than a third world country at its best.

My stop into this supermarket this weekend reminded me how blessed we are. Too often I take for granted running water from a sink ten feet away and fully stocked grocery shelves. Too often I forget how hard and cruel this world is to others. And not often enough, do I reach out a helping hand.

Let’s be people that see a need and meet it, instead of being preoccupied with how much more we can get for ourselves.



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