What We Give Up

How often do you settle for less than what you’re worth, because you don’t want to wait for what you know is best?

This past week, I feel as though I’ve had opportunity out the wazoo to settle for less than what I’m worth. That little voice keeps telling me “Settle for the comfortable. Go back to what you know.” And I have to keep digging my feet into the ground so I don’t run back.

Reader – You’re worth so much more than what the world tells you. You’re worth more than that friendship that is only a taking relationship. You’re worth more than the abusive ex who you might still love, but know will never change.

You. Are. Worth. More!

Never settle for less than what you’re worth. Wait for it. Pray for it. Let your heart beat for it.

And when the day comes that it arrives, enjoy it.

You can always settle, but you may never know what you gave up by settling.



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