When All Else Fades

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.24.09 PMThis Christmas season has been very different from last year. This time last year, we were going through one of the most heart-wrenching times we’ve ever been through. There was betrayal, deceit, manipulation, injustice, and deep hurt all within a matter of months.

This year though, this season has been completely different, and in every wonderful way possible. I’ve been surrounded by incredible friends, new and old, who understand the deep reflection I’m having this time of year. I’ve been blessed with a foster situation that has not only helped me heal, but has brought wholeness to others in the process. And I’ve seen the hand of God working to bring me back to a place of fullness that I’ve not experienced for a long time.

The places I thought were dead and the areas in my life that were dry as deserts are finally coming back to life. I’m watching as God brings beauty from the ashes and restores what Satan desperately tried to steal.

Wholeness, contentment, and hope are beautiful things my friend. They are worth fighting for and they are worth holding onto.

My hope for you this Christmas, is that you not only experience every single one of them, but that you continue to thrive as you do.



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  • anisakazemi
    December 16, 2015

    Thank you for the well wishes Manda <3 Lots of love to you xx

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