When All Else Fails

This week was an interesting one. A few things happened throughout the week that had my emotions heightened. The main emotion being that of frustration with a dash of anger. Through a series of events, I deduced the only way to handle this particular situation was with a confrontation. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to, nor was it something I anticipated ending well.

I put my words together and went for it. I shared my feelings on the matter and prepared myself for rejection and more frustration. Much to my surprise, it was not only well-received, but I was thanked for my honesty in the end.

Sometimes people surprise you, reader. Sometimes you expect the worst, and forget to hope for the best.

The next time you prepare for something to end poorly, remember that not all things go as planned.

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Happy weekend friends!



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