When The Waiting Game Isn’t Fun Anymore

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 11.05.39 PMIn the words of Beyonce, “All the single ladies, put your hands up!”

As Valentine’s Day Eve rolls around, many are painfully reminded of their singleness. In years past, I would’ve been moping around with watery eyes and a box of chocolate (all for myself). This year is different though.

I can’t say I don’t wish for the doorbell to ring with a delivery of flowers from a secret admirer (preferably one I’m secretly admiring too) or wish that my knight in shining armor will come galloping on his white horse to sweep me off my feet. (Though, I’d probably be a little weirded out at first that a man in armor is trying to sweep me off my feet and onto his horse…..I digress).

Tonight I’m thinking back to past Valentine’s Days, some with romantic interests and some that were spent alone. I think back to the time my boyfriend threw pebbles at my window to get my attention, only to see him standing outside with a letter and a stuffed animal as he prepared to ask me to be his Valentine. I’m reminded of the year I invited other single women over to enjoy a girl’s night and be thankful for what we had, instead of crying over what we didn’t. I remember watching as my Dad spray-painted “I love you” in the snow to remind my mom that she was and is the only woman for him.

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Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day we hate. It should be a day where we remind ourselves of the good and continue to live expectantly. Each day is filled with surprises, gifts, blessings, and people we love. Too often we rush through the present in an effort to get to “the future”. But in rushing, we fast pass through life, bypassing the moments we’ve so desperately waited for, as we rush on to the next thing we “need.”

I asked God recently why I feel like I always need to wait for things in life. At the time, the list of what I was waiting for was longer than anyone would want to hear. And you know what I heard back? He gently and lovingly said, “If there was no waiting involved, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate it fully once it arrives.”

Isn’t that so true? The 9 months a mom spends pregnant is preparing her heart for that bundle of joy. It’s creating the longing, the aching in her heart to hold her baby. The time spent working our way up the ladder of success prepares us for the moment our boss offers a promotion of a lifetime. The lonely, tear-filled nights wishing we had someone to hold, while seemingly everyone else is happy and moving forward, prepares us for the moment we hold our beloved and look into their eyes, realizing that this moment was what we waited all this time for.

The hard work, the tears of pain, the lonely nights are all preparing us. They’re not preparing us to stay like this forever. They are preparing us and our souls for the excitement and anticipation of the gift that awaits.

Tonight as I write this, my heart yearns for the day I get to hold my husband in my arms and tell him that I love him. I’ll lovingly and proudly say to him that I didn’t settle for just anyone. I waited and I waited for him. As I write this, multiple friends of mine are waiting and longing to start a family with their spouse. As I write this, another friend is waiting to start her dream job and is taking each day, step by step. They’re all going through a waiting season of their own.

Life is about learning how to wait and how to wait graciously, in a lot of ways.

Are you in a waiting season, reader? You’re not alone. We are all waiting for something or someone. But my question to you is, are you going to waste away this season feeling sorry for yourself? Or are you going to smile, dance to the music of life, and expectantly await what your future holds?

For me, I’d much rather toss my hand up in the air and unashamedly proclaim, “Yes Beyonce, I’m a single lady!” while I dance, laugh, and enjoy this journey. Life is going to pass by. We might as well enjoy the ride.



2 Responses
  • Barbara Fisher
    February 14, 2016

    Manda – what a great post! The waiting game is not easy, but it prepares us for lies ahead. I enjoyed this post.

  • eureeka523
    March 8, 2016

    That’s funny – I’ve often felt the same way, that I need to wait for most things in life. But now a lot of what I have prayed for is fulfilled but much of my prayers are still in the wait. I can definitely agree that it causes you to be thankful and enjoy the “end product” so much more! <3 <3 <3
    God is in the wanting and the waiting, and no wait is wasted. He is all we need, really.

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