Words of Life

The soul is a beautiful thing. It’s like a flower that can either bloom with a kind word or be crushed in an instant.

All too often people are quick to speak words that make themselves feel better, with no regard as to the soul of the person they are wounding in the process. In arguments, we sometimes go so far as to think of and say things that we know will cause the most damage to the soul. We lie to ourselves and say that it’s justified because we were hurt, but we in turn cause the same damage, if not worse. And usually, we’re hurting the people we claim to love or care about most.

The soul is a tender thing, reader. Words can build up or tear down.

They can encourage the weakest of souls to soar or they can rip someone apart, word by word.

Words have power. With four words God created the beginning of the world. He said, “Let there be light.” and there was light.

Don’t for a second believe the lie that words don’t matter. The words you speak over yourself are powerful and the words you speak to others have the ability to either heal or destroy.

Choose life-giving words, reader. The world needs them now more than ever.


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