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Screen shot 2015-08-03 at 7.51.39 PMAs a blogger, I get questions all the time. They come in the forms of curious readers, interested friends, or blogger nominations I’ve received. I thought it was time I answered some of these questions, so here we go!

Your writing is really good. Do you find it easy to write? 

First, thank you to anyone who has said the first part of this statement. It makes my day when you say you’ve read my blog or compliment my writing. I love writing and that’s why I do it. As far as the ease, it depends. If I’m writing a post for my own blog, typically it’s fairly easy. I’m not under a deadline and thus, I can write whenever the mood strikes. However, when I’m asked to guest post or speak at an event (more news on that as it gets closer), sometimes I do struggle with writer’s block. I’ll have so many thoughts swirling around that sometimes I need to step away, and allow myself to calm down. In general though, it comes mostly naturally.

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you?

Well, if I told them that then they’d know! All kidding aside, one thing you probably don’t know is that I’m classically trained on the piano. I took lessons for 10 years and still play when I have the chance. However, I get stage fright when asked to play in public, so you need to be a very close friend or family member to hear me play.

What is your greatest fear?

Snakes. Need I say more?

What/who truly makes you happy? 

Laughing with friends and family and making a difference in my world. On any given day, I typically try to tackle both.

You should write a book! Do you have any plans to do so?

If you’ve said this to me in the past, you may find it humorous to know you’re not the first to say it. This is a goal on my bucket list and, while I’ll neither confirm nor deny, I may already have some ideas on what the future will look like as far as book writing.

Thanks for all of the questions friends! Keep them coming – I love to hear from you and I look forward to the next “You Asked.”



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